Arfym Clothing Reviews – Complaints? 3/5 Ratings 2023


Arfym is a Chinese website that sells latest designed wears at low cost. As per Arfym clothing reviews by the customers the product quality is good as per the price.

In this article, we will see the users’ feedback and the various products they sell. Towards the end of the article, we will see whether the site is legit or not as well. So, let us begin. 


What is is a set of skilled operators and manufacturers who have created this platform for the past ten years, selling various clothing-related items. They run intending to provide high-quality clothes at low prices. 

All types of clothes for all kinds of seasons are available. Apart from the different types of sets of dresses, they also focus on improving the clothes with distinct styling, and they even use environment-friendly materials. Let us see the features, along with the Arfym clothing reviews.



  • Two-piece sets are two-piece sets where you will get the top and the paired bottom for different colors and designs.
  • Shop by Prices- in this category, you have four types of price ranges available, and you can choose from here.
  • New-in – here, you can see the latest products and the date from when they are available for purchase.
  • Winter sale – all types of winter clothes can be brought from this section, including summer and spring collections.
  • Hot sale – different clothes like denim dresses and tops with different prices are sold.

Let us see the user’s Arfym clothing reviews and determine the site’s specifications.


  • Contact details – the contact number provided on their site is 447482875871.
  • Types of products – swimwear, casual dresses, sweaters, dresses, tees, and two-piece sets are available.
  • Discount – 40% discount is given on products where the price is above 6569.
  • Email id-
  • How to measure – by clicking on this, the users can check their size before placing their order.
  • Return policy – within 30 days, you can return the item.
  • Cancellation Policy – you will get a refund if the item is canceled within a day.
  • Social Media – they are available on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Shipping policy – according to their shipping policy, free shipping is given for orders over Rs.6596.
  • Range – the least price is $ 30$, and the maximum you can shop for is $ 50$.


  • There is a wide range of products that you can shop for.
  • You can choose the clothes from their specialized section according to the season.
  • A size guide is also mentioned about how to check your size.
  • You can even select the price range, and the least and maximum price is given.
  • If your order is above Rs.6569, then you don’t have to pay the shipping fees.


  • If you lose the tracking number, they are not responsible for returning the item.
  • While returning, the items must be in proper condition, and if they are found to be used with makeup or perfume, you cannot return them.
  • The items ordered with cash on delivery are not eligible for return.
  • A cancellation fee of up to 10% has to be paid if the item is canceled beyond 24 hours.

What are the Arfym clothing reviews by the buyers?

Positive Reviews

  • Five stars were given by a user whose order was delivered on time.
  • Another user appreciated the quality.
  • Outfits were the right size for a user who even got compliments from others.
  • A user said she would shop again as she loved the shipping policy.
  • Products from this site were ordered twice by a user who got the item as shown on the display.

Negative Reviews

  • A user gave a single star as she did not get the correct size of the dress.
  • Another mentioned and reviewed that they are a scam as their products are from China, not Carolina.
  • The refund policy was not liked by another user who gave only one star.
  • The quality of the cloth was inferior, is what another said. 

Is Arfym legit?

We conducted research, according to which we found that the website has 80 users giving their reviews on Trustpilot an overall of 3.5 stars out of 5. While this might sound good, we are afraid it is not. We checked their Instagram page, and they have few followers.


We even have reviews stating their products are actually from China, they are of poor quality, and the trust score for the site is meager, and the same was even mentioned in YouTube videos about the site. Hence it is a scam.


We saw about the Arfym clothing reviews and the feedback; however, they advertise themselves to sell products from South Carolina when manufactured in China.


This website is a scam, so users must be careful and use other legit websites for shopping. We hope you liked our article; remember to give us your feedback and give the ratings. 

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