Bliss Salon Spa Boutique Reviews and Complaints – Happy?


We found several Bliss Salon Spa Boutique reviews that would prove that the Bliss Salon Spa Boutique is terrific at bringing out the beauty in you with the help of devoted and dedicated professionals. 

In the present article, we have summarised and presented all the details so you will better know the boutique. This article includes all the characteristics of the boutique, specifications, pros and cons that would help you decide whether you will avail the services of this boutique. 


What is Bliss Salon Spa Boutique?

This salon works to bring beauty to women. They are spirited and passionate about creating an environment that would celebrate confidence in women. The salon professionals believe that the inner beauty is what truly matters and not the outside show. You can also order your hair care from their website.

Its main aim is to relax its customers with the help of its cozy, easy, and enjoyable services. Men or women of all ages can try their services. They pay much attention to the quality of services they provide to the customers. They try to explore options to provide the best service to their customers. 


According to the Bliss Salon Spa boutique reviews, the staff at the salon strives to meet all of your needs. You can make an appointment online. 

Types of Services:

The customers can avail a range of services here. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Hair services
  • Brows and Lashes
  • Boutique
  • Skincare services
  • Body Waxing
  • Haircare products


  • Purpose: To assist both men and women relax their bodies and discovering their inner beauty and confidence.
  • Email: Not provided on the website.
  • Contact Number: 517-323-6388, 517-333-3917
  • Address: West lancing- 5320 Ivan Drive Lansing, MI 48917, East Lansing- 4790 S. Hagadorn Suite 152 Hannah Plaza
  • Timings: West Lancing and East Lancing- Monday to Friday (9:00 AM to 9 PM (or 8:00 PM), Saturday (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM), Sunday Closed.
  • Social Media: Facebook and Instagram
  • Website Origin Date: 06-08-2009
  • The expiration date of the website: 06-08-2026
  • Last Updated on: 07-08-2023
  • Cancelation policy: They must cancel appointments at least 24 hours before the specified appointment time. They will also impose a 50% service charge.
  • Discount offers: You will receive $20 off on your first visit. 
  • Other offers: You will get a return gift on your first visit. On each beauty purchase, you will earn rewards through redeemable points, which you can use for further retail purchases. You can win a $200 summer skincare package and a $100 gift card by registering your email address when seasonal giveaways are scheduled. You can find other fantastic deals that are mentioned on the website. 


  • Best Staff services.
  • It has many services, from skincare to body care.
  • The offers that it provides are beneficial, and thus, it attracts customers. 
  • The skincare and hair care products the salon sells work wonders for the body.
  • It is easy and simple to get an appointment with the professionals.
  • The timings of the salon are also convenient.


  • Price is expensive, its common feedback mentioned in many Bliss Salon Spa Boutique reviews.
  • They charge the customers for cancellation of appointments that are too high. 
  • Even if the customers don’t appear for any service, they get charged for their appointment.

What are the Bliss Salon Spa Boutique reviews?

Positive Reviews

  • One of the customers felt very happy with the behavior of the staff and the way they managed the customers and their demands.
  • Another customer liked their services and was very happy with them.
  • One customer liked the staff’s knowledge about taking care of skin and hair. 
  • A client loved the coloring and blonding services provided by the salon.
  • Many cusomters loved the boutique inside the salon, especially concerning the women’s clothing, accessories, and jewelry. 

Negative Reviews

  • A client claimed that the staff are not professional at all.
  • Another customer said that her hair was burnt and that they were not brown-girl-friendly. 
  • A customer said they were charging higher than they had mentioned on the website. 
  • A client found the salon very expensive for the kind of services they are providing. 

Is Bliss Salon Spa Boutique safe?

According to our observation, the website is legitimate. It provides the necessary information, such as the salon’s phone number, address, a link to book the appointment, etc. 

Thus, this proves they are readily available to address customer queries. The salon seems safe to visit and get your inner beauty to shine bright. Its products are also worth buying. 



Hence, as it has received maximum supporting Bliss Salon Spa Boutique reviews and a rating of 4 stars, it seems safe to go for services. You can shop from the boutique available inside the salon, too. 

We hope that our review was helpful. Please give us your valuable feedback. 

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