Is FunwithFeet Legit? Based on 100+ Reviews (Sept 23)


Is Funwithfeet legit? Several reviews on FunwithFeet show that it is a unique online platform for footwear enthusiasts. It is a vibrant online marketplace dedicated to all things foot. It serves as a meeting place for both foot enthusiasts and content developers.  

To help you learn more about the boutique, we have collected and provided all the information on this page. To help you decide whether or not to employ the boutique’s services, this article includes the boutique’s characteristics, requirements, benefits, and drawbacks.


What is 

FunwithFeet is one of the most significant marketplaces for purchasing and selling content related to feet. At the same time, it is secure and safe. FunwithFeet is about more than just purchasing and exchanging images of feet. The goal is to establish a community. 

Your data is protected from threats thanks to encrypted servers, compliant security systems, and third-party firewalls. You can add categories to your profile to make it more unique and provide free and paid foot photographs. 


But there’s always the worry that someone might discover their personal information. Is the website FunwithFeet legit or safe to use? This article will aid your comprehension of its reviews, benefits, and drawbacks.

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Types of services

The users can sell or purchase a range of services. Some of these are given below:

  • Feet in the high heels category
  • Feet in the Nail polish category
  • Feet in soles category
  • Feet in socks category
  • Feet in the pedicure category
  • Feet in the lotion category
  • Feet in the Dirty feet category 
  • Feet in the dancer category
  • Feet in the Tattoo category
  • Feet is showing the face category


  • Purpose: To help create a community where feet enthusiasts can buy or sell feet content. 
  • Email:
  • Address: Carson City, NV
  • Privacy policy: They provide you with choices to control your data. 
  • DMCA policy: They terminate a user’s access to service if a user is a repeated infringer. They protect the content the user posts and remove copyrighted content if it is infringed. Thus, they take copyright infringement seriously. 
  • Website origin date: 01-07-2016
  • Shipping and Return Policy: They aim to deliver the order safely. However, they only take responsibility if the package is recovered in transit. It delivers to most of the countries. 
  • Cancellations and Refunds policy: They accept to cancel your order even after it is placed. However, they won’t cancel or refund the item once it is shipped. 


  • It aims to provide professionals with a safe, secure, and content-rich environment.
  • They link purchasers and content makers who enjoy feet. 
  • The platform offers a comfortable user experience and has policies that are simple to navigate.
  • offers customers an incredible platform to sell their artistic creations.
  • This website registration process is pretty simple.
  • They are not only reasonably priced but also ensure that your subscription won’t be renewed without your consent.
  • Quick and safe payment system.


  • The majority of the functions on the website require a monthly cost, and frequently, the sellers don’t respond to messages.
  • The website frequently needs help with technical difficulties.
  • Your private information is accessible to a third party. 

What are the reviews regarding the FunwithFeet website?

Positive reviews

  • One user claims to keep all the sales revenue as the vendor. 
  • Few customers expressed satisfaction with FunwithFeet since it gives sellers numerous options to make money. 
  • Given that it offers sellers and buyers trading safety, users emphasized it in the majority of reviews,
  • A user said Fun with Feet was a knowledgeable, dependable, and user-friendly marketplace for buyers and sellers of foot images.
  • Another consumer thought their customer service agents were more helpful.

Negative Reviews

  • Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the website’s customer support and the fact that they may upload their images without fully registering.
  • One random buyer created ten collections to sell and waited for feedback, but none came.

Is FunwithFeet legit or safe to use? 

Our investigation shows that the website is secure. It has made a point of giving users access to essential details like email addresses and addresses. This demonstrates emphatically that we are prepared to respond to customer inquiries. 


The website appears secure for buying or selling feet and other clothing photographs. 


In this article, the answer to Is FunwithFeet legit has been answered. A rating of 4.3 out of 5 has been given to this website on TrustPilot. Trading on this website is safe. 


We hope our review was helpful; please send us your insightful comments. 

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