Reset Smile Reviews and Complaints? 2023

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A reset smile has aroused people’s curiosity and made them keen to possess it. But it would only be wise to purchase products by conducting a proper background check. Our article will deal with it all such features and more.


What is

Several people around the globe are persistently struggling with getting acquainted with missing teeth. They are constantly seeking alternate ways or fabricated ways of getting a tooth. Reset Smile provides such people with false teeth and a 3D tooth replacement device.

It even gets users in touch with suggested doctors for better treatment and assessment of dental health issues. They ensure that they make all such devices accessible to the users, which is why they shop for the users without charging a lot. It has several resemblances to the standard procedure done at any dentist.


But what makes it stand out is that it appears more natural but provides all the ease of removal when and if one pleases. It also adheres to a very non-invasive form of replacement, which customers find reassuring. Several reset smile reviews, and complaints have remarked upon the same.


• Purpose: To offer people with missing teeth a chance to get a replacement that looks pretty original.
• Contact details: 1877-869-0740
• Email ID:
• Address: not accessible
• Social media: No platforms detected
• Website introduced: 2022-01-25
• Cost of top/bottom tooth: $648
• Cost of both teeth: $848
• Payments available: $29 for every month (24 months); $162 per month (4 months)
• Video for taking impressions



Per the reset smile reviews and complaints, it is evident that most people are unwilling to go through the troublesome procedures of dental implants. This product offers them the perfect opportunity for a pain-free and more natural replacement.
• Users can get it directly shipped to them as the website offers shipping and product tracking.
• The price of each replacement is affordable for almost everyone willing to get rid of the troubles of a missing tooth.
• The payment system has been designed so that those who cannot afford the cost instantly can pay it off gradually.
• The products appear natural and assist people in carrying out their daily tasks conveniently, including chewing food, speaking more eloquently, and more.
• It prevents all the worries one may struggle with while going under the knife.


Some people would prefer something other than trusting a new product rather than authentic professional dental procedures. This is one aspect that has come up time and again in various reset smile reviews and complaints.
• It might demand double expenditure as people would have to pay for the costs, shipping, and dentist expenses.
• The website analyses the type of replacement one might need after taking your impressions, which is only partially as accurate. It sometimes even tends to fail.
• There are no social media handles for this source, and the only point of contact between them and the users can be through email and phone numbers only.


What are the reset smile reviews and complaints?

We have segregated the reviews and comments based on whether they are positive or negative. This will further help our readers understand the product’s true nature in an organized manner:
Positive feedback/Reviews:
• Some users have faced issues with their orders owing to their own mistakes. However, the customer support at Reset Smile put in much effort to set the course straight.
• Several users have thanked the source for being trustworthy and making products that make their smiles look natural.
• Many users are also quite satisfied with the user-friendly interface of the website. They could navigate through quickly.

Negative remarks/complaints:

• One user remarked that after she placed the order, she was informed that the impressions they demanded could cause damage to the implants. She further tried to cancel it but could not.
• There is another user who has complained about the fix that the product offers.
• Some users have needed help accessing customer support and getting their refunds. It has made them stop using the website.


Is reset smile legit?

After analyzing all the reset smile reviews and complaints available, it is evident that the product is legit. There are several user testimonials to support the same. The website also offers customer support through email and contact numbers. Anyone with any extra query can even drop it on their official page.

There are almost 95 reviews available on Trustpilot. It has received 4.1 ratings from users who have experienced it. There is also some negative feedback, but the number of positive comments is more.



Hence, as almost 75% of the reviews are positive, it is evident that the website is authentic and can be opted for. We hope our review offered the help our readers were looking for, and we await your review in the comments section below & rate us.

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